Thursday, February 8, 2018

Awakening Your Soul !: Who Am I....?

Awakening Your Soul !: Who Am I....?: Purpose of Life Who am I...? A Wandering Soul A wounded bird in a cage A dark valley An emotional downstream A vigorous caveman ...

Who Am I....?

Purpose of Life

Who am I...?
A Wandering Soul
A wounded bird in a cage
A dark valley
An emotional downstream
A vigorous caveman
I am just as ordinary
As a sideline rock....
It is not an easy way
To talke and find myself...
I was wandering around
Trying a refuge of relations
Lots of excuses
A bucket full of unfulfilled desires
My regrets...
one day it was revealed
I am what I think I am....
I am from universe 
I will be eternal as I pass
The undeniable corridor of death
Divinity is clear...
So is my destiny
My wishes, my deeds
All awaiting down across 
The river 
I have to swim 
with peace and care
Then I am all clearly done...
Well done in fact.....!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What Life is Teaching Me...!!

Life and Lesson
What life is teaching me
I often wonder...!
Why i am suffering
why I am so silly
What happened at time 
When I knew nothing of Sins...
When I was just so simple
Life treated me like 
I was a Criminal 
Tortured me like a hell on earth
I tried hope
I tried Peace of Mind
I wanted to reconciliate with life
Nothing came to rescue me
Devil was strong stood with me
Tried every tactics and I was engulfed
I am still trying hard to find peace
To repent over sins
To ask for Forgiveness to God Almighty
I am hopeful He Will Answer with Love
and Remedies of worldly 
and Soul's wounds....
I am hopeful 
life has in fact taught me a lot
I Guess.....!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lost the Glory of Hope....!!

Life and Eternity

I am deep inside a cage of life....!!
Trying hard to combat 
what comes around me as a worldly trap...
The illusions and delusions of life 
The final chapters of all the books I have read....
Ask me to begin ....!!
To move forward
look beyond the horizons and find peace
Where is peace and serenity/
Where is love and hope enticed in rainbow colors 
Not here my dear....
Might be in eternity....
But still it lies here
Might Be 
Or what next....? 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

While Trying to Live...!!

Life and Desires

While Trying to Live

I Failed not Once, Twice 


Millions of Times....

I am lost in glory of mortal life

Forgot to take lessons to live

How to fight the harsh winds

Why keep silent over oppression

Feeling all pain alone

Nobody here to provide shoulder


Wipe my soul's tears

I am a departed Soul

Long out of this mortal world...!


Trying hard to inhale LIFE Inside

But failing every time....!!

Death seems very near 


Afraid to leave this fragile life 

Without filling the necessary gaps

Mend the ways of my loved ones


Let them have sparks of real life 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year..A Cliche

I am sorry my kids
You were burnt, bledin Aleppo
You were shot with palette guns in Kashmir
You were slaughtered in Myanmar
by brutes
When enemies were dancing on your burnt bodies
Celebrating victories
Your mothers, sisters
Were torn to prices
Nobody could fight back
Muslims lost their collective
Self Esteem....!!
I am your criminal
So are all...
So called Muslims & Arabs
But you are in best heaven
Please forgive me
My fellows
Please don't hold my neck
As we are celebrating
with dance, lights and jubiliations
On Day if Judgment
Please please please....!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

To Lose is To Gain..!!

Lonely Soul

I lost you...

I found you
who are you?
What is there to be seen
How you can overcome your fears
depression and 
my soul is all empty ....
just because I am not like you
I am hurt and lonely
deep inside my roots
I am an ancient cave
Whose depth can never be found 
and nobody dares 
get inside
out of fear; out of disgust
or out of fear of unknown
means death
loss or eternal emptiness....