Sunday, February 26, 2017

While Trying to Live...!!

Life and Desires

While Trying to Live

I Failed not Once, Twice 


Millions of Times....

I am lost in glory of mortal life

Forgot to take lessons to live

How to fight the harsh winds

Why keep silent over oppression

Feeling all pain alone

Nobody here to provide shoulder


Wipe my soul's tears

I am a departed Soul

Long out of this mortal world...!


Trying hard to inhale LIFE Inside

But failing every time....!!

Death seems very near 


Afraid to leave this fragile life 

Without filling the necessary gaps

Mend the ways of my loved ones


Let them have sparks of real life 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year..A Cliche

I am sorry my kids
You were burnt, bledin Aleppo
You were shot with palette guns in Kashmir
You were slaughtered in Myanmar
by brutes
When enemies were dancing on your burnt bodies
Celebrating victories
Your mothers, sisters
Were torn to prices
Nobody could fight back
Muslims lost their collective
Self Esteem....!!
I am your criminal
So are all...
So called Muslims & Arabs
But you are in best heaven
Please forgive me
My fellows
Please don't hold my neck
As we are celebrating
with dance, lights and jubiliations
On Day if Judgment
Please please please....!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

To Lose is To Gain..!!

Lonely Soul

I lost you...

I found you
who are you?
What is there to be seen
How you can overcome your fears
depression and 
my soul is all empty ....
just because I am not like you
I am hurt and lonely
deep inside my roots
I am an ancient cave
Whose depth can never be found 
and nobody dares 
get inside
out of fear; out of disgust
or out of fear of unknown
means death
loss or eternal emptiness....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

An Ode to Child of Kashmir

Innocent Kid of Kashmir

You are My Love
My Flower my Destiny
I held your tiny hands....
to take you to lands of Saffron and Apples
I wanted you to row boats in lakes
My desire for you was to grow old 
have knowledge and wisdom
Learn to Love and Respect
I prayed Peace for you and all kids of your age
We have wrinkles over our foreheads asking 
for Freedom 
Peace and Humanity
We never could enjoy ....!!
within Indian Occupied Kashmir
My Grandson....
Today I am sitting beside your mortal body
with wholes of pallet guns all over your 
Little Body
Indian Forces didn't think of you
As a child of their own
An Innocent Soul who had to learn to live
and let live
But you are going to be burred
My child...
with a Dignity of a Martyr
and will be receive in Heaven 
with Garlands and Birds Chirping Around,,,
I will tell your story to whole World
There ar lots of Kids who will listen 
If no the so called adults 
Human Rights Vocalists...!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

I Want to Leave You World…!!

World at Peace

I am sad, lonely and want to depart,

I am not going to give you; life a more chance


Humiliate and to destroy my soul

I am here had enough of all deals

I am sad, lonely and depressed,

If there were any…

Forgotten though hardly possible

Oh My Lord….make me at peace

For the time retaining and return me

To You......

With joy, fervor and heavenly security

I am dying as I feel so

Is it so…?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Am Nowhere to be Found…!!

Life and Soul
I am all lost with my soul in transition
I am not going to feel all that pain
Misery that is enveloped me
With never changing costume…!
I am living dead
I am waiting for Heaven
Which for me is far away…
The curse of Life is far burdensome to handle
I am sad, I am lonely
I want to be at peace with myself
But there is no Space no Peace of Mind
No Confider….
The Ultimate Listener
Is all in annoyance with me
I have stained SOUL…
Once I was living this mortal life
with all its joyful attributes
But now a Hollow Being…
And detached heart…
I am not in Heaven
You cannot find me at least
Time untold of unknown…!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Life is Worth a Second Chance?

Life and Love
I am living a Life
One that is worth thousand smiles
I am having all Blessings
Which I cannot recall
I want to die a death
Be peaceful and free of madness
I hate to be a difficult person
It is not easy and I am dying with 
Slow poison of…
Luxuries, dreams and searchable love
I want to get that peace of Soul
Hard to find in this mortal world
I am not into suicide
And to let go all fears
Everything is so strange
Yet so difficult
It is worth a second chance
To let me have more experiences
And to
Ask for forgiveness to God Almighty,,,,,