Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spiritually Awakened People Love Humanity At Large!

Spiritual Peace and Motivation
Rain makes it hard for me to keep myself away from the nostalgic memories that are swirling around. I am all surrounded with great events and people who made my life worth with their warm presence, and let me build a true perception about Life, World and its Reality. Yes! On a very positive note I am listening to the drizzling sound of rain on my window and lost in the times when I was free to get out and move freely in the summer rains. To make my soul have all nourishment from the Nature, and to be awakened by the new Motivation to move on!

Now I think that Nature has given us gifts of changes in seasons like the moods and circumstances. We have all springs and autumns within us. If we are moving on a path of Spiritual Elevation then we see that Divine Light is flashed on us to be all carefree and to love nature and humanity at large. I am still surprise at how people can do injustice and barbarism to others, and even torture them to die when there are so many positive things to look and feel!

When I have a chance meeting with people who have traveled a lot of the road of Spirituality and Mysticism then they are all in love for Human Beings. I haven’t seen them teaching hatred, violence and to lower self esteem of others at any name. It is due to the fact that they have understood the real purpose of life, to live in peace and harmony with not only human beings but with all creation of God Almighty. The positive energy that these people radiate influence all their followers, and even spread as a shield to others around.

Motivation and Optimism doesn't come with negative energy, and all those brutal people in history and at present had no Positive Energies but they had evil desires and hatred that might be due t some imbalanced childhood upbringings. Otherwise anyone who loves humanity and a sudden smile comes on his face on seeing an innocent child can’t kill him or her. Here a question arises as if man is born to be all cruel and evil. No! He is born of love and compassion but evil and negative environment and brainwashing make him do such wild acts!

So it is time for all of us on this Planet Earth to ponder seriously about the ways to make real Peace here. So that is time for us to decide to live in peace and harmony, and let a beautiful world waiting for our coming generations. Say Big NO to Wars and Terrorism, and spread Love, Compassion, Motivation and a message to follow Peace and to spread Motivation among human race. We have to do it otherwise the whole humanity and its technical advancement will come to point zero. So stay positive and awakened to let go all differences, and to remove hidden barriers within our personalities. It will make us move upside on a ladder of spirituality!!