Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Purify Our Souls from Destructive Desires!!

Motivation and Optimism to live a Peaceful Life

I am long been focusing on different things that happen in my life and that of others, and try to find out one thing. what is the real cause of so much stress, anxiety and mental disorders. Yes! I think I have found out a clue and that is hidden in our long term desires to be free from something that has become a part of our second nature. We keep on giving ourselves so many self statements about being happy, contented and motivated but in fact we are not!

Yes I am telling you a real time tragedy of all modern civilization and that is the carrying on of burden on our shoulders of few things that might have solution but we are stuck is those ones due to social or economic pressures. Suppose I don't want to switch to a New Job that is even highly paying but makes me uncomfortable to get out of my long desired comfort zone. It is a right thing on my part. People with all brain would say that it is so wise to go on a ladder of success and to be all contented.

Here I have not other objection then on "Contentment" and does it come with material prosperity or it comes from a peaceful mind and heart. It comes from long meditation and freedom of SOUL from so many whims and wishes that might not even affect the quality of life that e live. So now there is a battle of survival of the clich├ęd Best, and on the other hand is a Soulful Peace. I think it is not a bad option if you leave some worldly races to win, in order to find what you find peace at!

Make a comparative analysis of what makes you happy, and I have reached at a conclusion. I am happy with small things like asking my maid's daughter to play with my little girl. I can find peace in writing form myself without having a desire to get an applaud. I can find peace to be in solidarity with people who are in pain and distress like those of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Myanmar and so many other places. I am at peace to able to feed one single soul a meal of the day!

So it is mine and your time as well to keep our lines straight as what we really need. Just separate the Social Paradigms and Standards. Just forget about bills for quite a time though it is hardcore reality. Just imagine that you are free to choose a course of action and which is your most preferred way.

Once you are done with it then your mind would be clear, and you will be able to make a decision about your future life that is totally on your instincts minus the other People factor, and I guaranteed you that whatever you choose will be much more productive and healthier then the earlier one that you were trying as a part of a common practice done by everyone. Good Luck!!